When gold was discovered in Colorado 1858 it resulted with a long stream of gold diggers with familys to the Rockies. This led to serious white encroachments on Cheyenne lands. To give protection to the white settlers Fort Bentīs at Arkansa river got transfered to a military post, and was renamed to Fort Lyon. About 30 miles north to the Fort in the inhospitable arias were the wide spread  praierie meet the Rocky mountains, a small southern Cheyenne band  use to have their wintercamp on a  place called "Sand Creek", their chief were Black Kettle. 

Black Kettle were promised that his people would be left in peace as long as they stay out of trouble. Black Kettle assured them that his people didnīt want any wars, all they wanted was to live in peace. He also belived that the white man and the indians could coexist with each other.

On November 28 1864 Col. John.M.Chivington led his troup of volunteers to Sand Creek, and on the dawn of November 29 the troups had reach the sleeping Indian camp. One of the Indianwomen had heard the horses and sound the alarm, but Black Kettle told his people not to worry the white officers at Fort Lyon had promised them protection. So he put up the American flag on the top of his tent to announce that this was a peacful and friendly camp.

But when the cavalry started to ride down the ridge towards the camp Black kettle realized that this wasnīt a friendly visit. and then the shooting started, the Indians was in panic, the soldiers indiscriminately killed women and children. Black Kettle who belived his people were under peace protection was helpless as his people were massacred. Over 200 Cheyenne died on this slaughter, about 75 of them where warriors the rest were mostly elderly men, women and children.

After the massacre Chivington returned to Denver were he braged about how he fought and won the battle with the Cheyenne, and in a theatre he put up about 100 scalps to proff his victory. Black Kettle survived the massacre but was killed four years later by the 7th U.S cavalry at the Washita River.



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