Well since you are here I guess you would like to know who I am, so here is a short resume. I was born 1965 in Malmö the third bigest city in Sweden (Scandinavia). But in 1989 I moved to the east coast to a very old and beautiful costal town called Karlskrona. Here I live with my two sons Robert and Rasmus, two real wild ones *S*, who I love wery much. Iīve always been interested in old history, mostly about the old west and the Native American Indians. Ever since I was a little boy Iīve been fascinated about the culture and music of the American Indians. I also remember how much I loved the name they had, name such as Crazy Horse, Running Bear, Black Hawk and so on, and  how much I wished I had a Indian name of my own. Even though I donīt have any Indian blood running through my vains, my heart and soul is riding with them over the wide spread prairie and over the mountains. We have alot to learn about the Native Americans, the Animals, the Sun and the Moon. About  how to treat each other with respect and dignity. It dosent matter what colour we have or which religion we belive in. Because when we bleed we all bleed the same red colour, and when it comes to religion we have many names on our God depending on which religion we have, but no matter what name we have  itīs still the same creator. The time we have in this world is to short to waste on hate and violence why not listen to our hearts and enjoy the time we have here in peace, and treat each other with kindness and dignity.And most of all be gentle to our mother earth... 

 AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do (walk in peace) 

Best Wishes
Black Hawk

This is me.

   And this is my to wild kids *L*


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