The Cheyenne Dog Men society or Dog Soldiers as they were named by the U.S Military, were created by Sweet Medicine a prophet  and a Hero of the Cheyenne. These ferocious warriors were the leading Elit Military Organizations  who kept  law and order within the tribes. Each  year four of the bravest Dog Men were chosen and took suicide vows, promising  to defend their people to the death from enemy raids.


Each of them  wore a Sash of tanned skin, about eight to ten feet long & five or six inches wide. These were called Dog-ropes and were used whenever a battle was going badly for the Cheyenne, the chosen ones drove a red painted wooden stake into the ground and remained attached there, fighting desperately to cover the retreat of the others. Retreat was not an option for these chosen Warriors. It was expected they would die rather than pull up the wooden stake them selves and retreat. These Ferocious warriors fought to the death to protect their people...


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