Welcome to my link page, here Ill gonna put up links to some of my favourite sites on the net. And I promise you they are all worth a visit. And if you would like to have a link to your own site here just send me a e-mail with your site name and URL and Ill put it up here...


A place were you will find some real great  artwork.

Another place with beautiful artwork

A great musician with a great site.

This is one of the greatest peformers on native American flute
Ive ever heard.

A great site if you are looking for Native American Music

A beautiful and interesting Native American site.

This site belongs to a friend, and its a beautiful site worth visiting.

If you like to read poems, this is the site for you. Another friend who 
writes very beautiful poems.

Another friend with a great wolf site worth visiting

A great and beautiful site with lots of interesting things.

This is a beautiful and great wolf site with lots of interesting reading.

Another great and beautiful Native American site worth visiting.

This is a real great site with lots of good native American images

This is a real great Native American site worth a visit

This is a site about a North American Indian museum in Sweden

This is Lady hawks native American Resources site 

This Swedish site is worth a visit lots of great things here about the Native people

The Original Lakota Language site

Your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American music.




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