1842 - 1877


Crazy Horse - Tashunke Witko - was born around 1842 and he consider him self as a Ogla Sioux even though his mother was a Brule´, sister to the well known chief Spotted Tail. His father was an respected man, a spirital leader, he had the same name as his son and belonged to the Oglalagang, Hunkpatila. his father tried to give him the name "His Horselooking" when the young son killed his first buffalo and furthermore caught a wildhorse by him self, but his name Haska from his youth kept on following him until 1859 when he carry out several of warachevements.

His father were very proud of this, so he gave him his own name, Crazy Horse and chosed the les important and honourble name Worm for himself. crazy Horse were admired by his people, and he was also know for  puting the future of his peolpe ahead and to keep the casualties down.

To the white man Crazy horse were known for his conections to Red Clouds war in 1865 - 1868 where he fought aginst American settlers in Wyoming. And on June 25 1876 when Crazy Horse joined forces with Chief Sitting Bull and led his band in the counterattack that destroyed General George Custers 7th U.S cavalry.

On May 6 1877 Crazy Horse were forced to surrender, when he realized that his people were weakened by cold and hunger.  So on May 6 he made the most difficult decision in his life when he led the rest of his people to Red Clouds Agency. 

On Sept 5 1877 crazy horse were arrested after an number of intrigues, misunderstandings and bad supported decisions. He began to struggle when he realized that they were taking him to the prision in Fort Robinson, but he was attacked from the behind by Little Big Man who held both his arms,While in the next moment a soldier  ran him through with a bayonet. The wound was mortal, and on that same night Crazy Horse died.

Even today Crazy Horse considers as a national hero among Indiancircles, perhaps one of the bigest ever... 

"My Lands are where my dead lie buried"
- Crazy Horse -               


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