Come my brothers and sisters, come all the children of our land,
come and sit by the village fire as the night closes around us. 
Watch the flames push the smoke upward toward Grandfather Sky. 
Our hope is deep as we send these, the most silent of prayers to ride
the smoke to the Great Spirit. The drums beat softly...

Sit quietly all my people and hear the sound, hear the crackling of the fire,
the sound of family and friends, sharing their happiness. The warmth we 
feel comes from this sharing of love not the fire. Look closely into each 
other’s eyes. What do we see? What is it, that is reflected back to us? 
We see ourselves in one another and all that which has made
us who you are. The drums beat faster...

Close your eyes my family, and listen to the wind as it stirs the flames higher. 
Listen to the songs of our ancestors. They offer so much, all we need do is 
open your hearts to their words. Only when we listen and learn from their 
wisdom can we grow as a people.
The drums beat louder...

Inhale the aromas around you, smell the sage burning, the food cooking 
in the pits, the deer hide that we wear the rain in the air and Mother Earth
under our feet. The drums beat shakes the ground like buffalo
running across the prairie...

Taste what has come to our lips. Taste the tears of joy that come from 
our eyes. They are the tears of the past, present and the future. 
Grandfather Eagle has given us a view of the future, and it is good.

Then we realize it is not the drums that beat so loudly, but our own hearts 
coming together as one people under the Great Spirit, in Peace, Love and

StrongBearRedHeart ©Copyright 1999 



The wisdom of a child is very simple and easy to follow. 
Children have no fear in there hearts, there minds are Clear. 

They go through the day with curiosity, doing difficult things like building sand castles, 
watching the squirrels chasing each other in the trees, laughing and 
singing and walking with their friends. 

Children do not care if their friends are different then them, weather it be color, 
religion, dress, height, weight or how they talk, because they are not born with these prejudices. 

All they know is that they like being around their friends and when they 
look into their friends eyes, they see themselves. 

A child will share what they have with out looking for something in return. 
When they get hurt playing, they do not seek revenge or build hatred. 
All they need is a kiss & hug from Mom or Dad, then off they go again.
 And if one of their friends gets hurt, they cry right along with them. 

Children do not get up in the morning wondering what terrible things may happen. 
They open their eyes with a naïve heart, searching for the wondrous things they can do today. 

All the bad things that invades a child's spirit are the things we put there. Children do not have a hard heart. 
All they give is love while all they ask for is love. 
Their wisdom is simple ------"LOVE" What a great world we would have if all had the wisdom of child. 

© StrongBearRedHeart 1999 


~Grandfather, Great Spirit~

Grandfather, Great Spirit,
you are older than all need. . .
you are older than all prayer . . . 
you are the life of things. 

By unknown


Great Spirit-Creator bless and guide us:
extend the circle embracing all that is.
May our thirst for spiritual awareness never cease. 
May forgiveness allow hate to never overwhelm us.
May we remain upon the path of a good heart 
for such is the way of the trail of our ancestors.

© Herbert L. Caywood, Cherokee



O Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds and whose breath gives life to all the world, Hear me!
I am small and weak. I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold the sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice
Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people.
Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. 
I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy - myself.
Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes.
So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my spirit may come to you without shame.



Long road winding began in the stars,
spilled onto the mountain tops,
was carried in the snow to the streams,
to the rivers, to the ocean…
It covers Canada, Alaska, America,
Mexico to Guatamala,
and keeps winding around the indigenous.

The Red Road is a circle of people 
standing hand in hand,
people in this world, people between
people in the Spirit world.
star people, animal people, stone people,
river people, tree people…
The Sacred Hoop.

To walk the Red Road 
is to know sacrifice, suffering. 
It is to understand humility.
It is the abilility to stand naked before God
in all things for your wrong doings,
for your lack of strength,
for your discompasionate way,
for your arrogance - because to walk 
the Red Road, you always know
you can do better. And you know,
when you do good things,
it is through the Creator, and you are grateful.

To walk the Red Road
is to know you stand on equal ground
with all living things. It is to know that
because you were born human,
it gives you superiority over nothing.
It is to know that every creation carries a Spirit,
and the river knows more than you do,
the mountains know more than you do,
the stone people know more than you do,
the trees know more than you do,
the wind is wiser than you are,
and animal people carry wisdom.
You can learn from every one of them,
because they have something you don’t:

They are void of evil thoughts.

They wish vengence on no one, they seek Justice.

To Walk the Red Road,
you have God given rights,
you have the right to pray,
you have the right to dance,
you have the right to think,
you have the right to protect,
you have the right to know Mother,
you have the right to dream,
you have the right to vision,
you have the right to teach,
you have the right to learn,
you have a right to grieve,
you have a right to happiness,
you have the right to fix the wrongs,
you have the right to truth,
you have a right to the Spirit World.

To Walk the Red Road
is to know your Ancestors,
to call to them for assistance…
It is to know that there is good medicine,
and there is bad medicine…
It is to know that Evil exists,
but is cowardly as it is often in disquise.
It is to know there are evil spirits
who are in constant watch
for a way to gain strength for themselves
at the expense of you.

To Walk the Red Road,
you have less fear of being wrong,
because you know that life is a journey,
a continuous circle, a sacred hoop.
Mistakes will be made,
and mistakes can be corrected -
if you will be humble,
for if you cannot be humble,
you will never know
when you have made a mistake.

If you walk the Red Road,
you know that every sorrow
leads to a better understanding,
every horror cannot be explained,
but can offer growth.

To Walk the Red Road
is to look for beauty in all things.

To Walk the Red Road
is to know you will one day
cross to the Spirit World,
and you will not be afraid…

"By Unknown"

Thanks Luc for sending me these great words 


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